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Public Figure

DIRECTED BY - Yuriy Gavrilenko, Dmitry Rozin

PUBLIC FIGURE is a documentary about an acclaimed writer and artist, Yuri Kapralov, who lived in the East Village for 40 years. Set as an autobiographical monologue, the film depicts the life and struggles of a public figure. Intercut with archival footage, Yuri's story takes us back in time as far as World War II, through the German invasion, work camps, art and literature, Korean War, New York bohemian life - to his reality, full of challenges waiting on every corner. A film by Yuriy Gavrilenko and Dmitriy Rozin, it was premiered by opening the Red Shift Festival in 2004; it was later screened in New York, Chicago, Boston. In the year 2005, when the artist passed away, the film underwent some additional editing to reflect the literal completion of the story. The final version came out in the year 2006 and is now available exclusively at Indiepix.