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Beyond the Rocks

Considered by many to be a gem of the silent film era, BEYOND THE ROCKS was previously thought to be lost, with only a one-minute portion preserved in the Filmmuseum Amsterdam. While sorting through inventory, the preservationists at the museum were shocked and thrilled to find the film's missing reels. Originally released in 1922, the Sam Woods-directed film stars Gloria Swanson and Rudolph Valentino as a romantic pair. It was unusual at the time for studios such as Paramount to use two of their major stars in one film, as the idea was usually to spread star talent out across many films in order to attract the largest audiences. Some discrepancy remains over whether Swanson wanted to do the film or not. Some records suggest that the producers of the film cast Swanson opposite Valentino to punish her for diva-like behavior; in fact she was personal friends with Valentino and secretly thrilled to be working with him. Based on a novel by Elinor Glyn, who was known for writing about scandalous romances, the film has Swanson and Valentino meet in the vacation spot where Swanson is honeymooning with her older husband. Fully restored, the film also includes a fresh musical score by Dutch composer Henny Vrienten.

GENRES - drama

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