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Grand Sons

The quiet story of a bond that grows between an elderly Jewish grandmother (Reine Ferrato) and her gay grandson, Guillaume (Guillaume Quatravaux), THE GRAND SONS is an award-winning drama from French director Ilan Duran Cohen. Unfolding with a warm humor that delights in its characters' foibles, the story turns on a blessing to be found in the midst of tragedy. When young Guillaume's mother dies, he finds himself becoming closer to his grandmother, Mamie, with whom he seemingly has very little in common. Guillaume is a somewhat spoiled gay man who enjoys a good time, and his grandmother's apparent stodginess would seem to impede their relationship, but the fondness between the two blossoms into a beautiful affection. Then, however, Guillaume finds himself unexpectedly having to vie for Mamie's affection with the handsome young butler (Jean-Philippe Set).

GENRES - comedy, drama, glbt