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DIRECTED BY - Todd Solondz

With PALINDROMES, fiercely independent writer-director Todd Solondz (HAPPINESS, STORYTELLING) places the topic of abortion under his scathing microscope. This time around, Solondz takes an even more daring approach by casting seven different actors to play the film's lead role. Aviva Victor is the young New Jersey cousin of the recently deceased Dawn Wiener (the heroine from Solondz's Sundance-winning WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE). Living under the watchful eye of her overprotective parents Joyce (Ellen Barkin) and Steve (Richard Masur), Aviva dreams of the day when she will be able to call herself a mother--a wish that is prematurely granted after an adolescent tryst. Unfortunately, her parents will not allow her to have the baby under any circumstances, which causes Aviva to run away from home. On the road, she falls for a lonely trucker (Stephen Adly Guirgis) and winds up at the home of the ultra-evangelical Mama Sunshine (Debra Monk), who cares for a wide variety of disabled children. But when the trucker reappears and it becomes quite clear that the bond he shares with Aviva is not just some perverted fantasy, the relationship builds to its inevitably tragic conclusion. Solondz's biting satire is a bold statement in support of a mother's right to choose, but it also takes a surprisingly humane approach to those on the other side of the argument. Featuring standout performances by Barkin, Monk, and Guirgis, PALINDROMES makes a bold, powerful statement.



GENRES - comedy, drama

Film Info

RUNTIME - 100 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 2004

FORMAT - DVD Region 1

COUNTRY - United States

LANGUAGE - English

ATTRIBUTES - Color, Full-Frame


Todd Solondz


Derrick Tseng


Mike Ryan


Todd Solondz


Debra Monk


Ellen Barkin


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