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By Brakhage: An Anthology

DIRECTED BY - Stan Brakhage

Stan Brakhage revolutionized cinema while never having his films play in mainstream movie houses or multiplexes. The avant-garde artist rarely used any sort of narrative. His films, rather, contain imagery ranging from nature studies to child birth to simply scratches on film. His pioneering technique includes a painstaking process marking film by hand rather than shooting film with a camera, a method that rarely enables the filmmaker to produce more than a half-second of film per day. This collection includes 26 shorts from the legendary Brakhage including his most famous work, DOG STAR MAN (1961-1964). Other selections include DESISTFILM (1954), MOTHLIGHT (1963), THE ACT OF SEEING WITH ONE'S OWN EYES (1971), I...DREAMING (1988), and BLACK ICE (1994).

Film Info

RUNTIME - 243 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 1954

FORMAT - DVD Region 1

LANGUAGE - English



Stan Brakhage

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