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Steal This Movie

DIRECTED BY - Robert Greenwald

The movie features songs written by Bob Dylan and Donovan.

Full Synopsis: In STEAL THIS MOVIE, director Robert Greenwald and executive producer and star Vincent D'Onofrio recreate the life and times of Abbie Hoffman. They document Hoffman's public and private life, his days of protest and of exile; and they capture the sound of the times--with songs performed by Phil Ochs, Country Joe and the Fish, Edwin Starr, and Eric Burden and Billy Preston. Greenwald, with the help of ace French director of photography Denis Lenoir and editor Kimberley Ray, produces a seamless mix of news footage and newly staged sequences, and D'Onofrio gives a vivid performance as Hoffman. Together, they bring Hoffman's flamboyant theater of protest to life. They show the anti-war protest at the Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968--and the wild reaction of Mayor Daley's Police Department and the National Guard. Hoffman is one of the protesters brought to trial, and the trial--of the Chicago seven--is long, contentious, and sometimes hilarious. STEAL THIS MOVIE shows Hoffman's private life and his complex relationships with his "Angel," Johanna Lawrenson (Jeanne Tripplehorn), his son, and his second wife Anita--who is movingly portrayed by Janeane Garafolo.

GENRES - biography, drama