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Britney Baby, One More Time

DIRECTED BY - Ludi Boeken

Aspiring filmmaker Dude Schmitz (AMERICAN MOVIE's Mark Borchardt) is in desperate need of money to finance his next feature film. After he blows a lucrative opportunity to interview pop singer Britney Spears for a local television station, he discovers Angel Benton (Robert Stephens), a gay Britney impersonator. Together with his brother Mike (Borchardt's AMERICAN MOVIE cohort Mike Schank), Dude sets off on a road trip to New Orleans, passing Angel off as the real Britney Spears and sending footage of his cross-country exploits back to the TV network for money. This farcical comedy features the hilarious return of Borchardt and Schank--as well as a star-making turn by Stephens--in a sweet-natured film about the melding of gay culture into mainstream America.

GENRES - comedy, glbt