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DIRECTED BY - Claude Chabrol

Master of suspense Claude Chabrol takes aim at both terrorists and the establishment in his chilling film, NADA. A left wing gang of motley anarchists called Nada kidnap the American ambassador to Paris from an exclusive Parisian brothel. The overall confusion, violence, and mayhem following this act makes both the terrorists and the police force look like bumbling, confused, destructive idiots. Chabrol's trademark cold stare at the typical bourgeois family is this time aimed at the Nada gang as they hide out in their country farmhouse and wait for a response to their ransom demands for the ambassador. As the group begins to form their own kind of dysfunctional anarchist family unit, it becomes obvious that the French authorities are less concerned about the safe return of the ambassador than with the capture of the terrorists. The police stop at nothing to get to the gang, ferreting out friends and relatives, and eventually finding the location of the gang's hideout. The brutal conclusion brings a hectic and bloody showdown between the Nada gang and the French police, one in which both the political extremism of the gang and the amoral machinations of the police are rendered cartoonish and absurd. With his relentless comparison and examination of the two political extremes, Chabrol manages to question both the status quo and the idea of revolution in his taut, unblinking signature style.

Film Info

RUNTIME - 105 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 1974

FORMAT - DVD Region 1

COUNTRY - Italy, France



ATTRIBUTES - Widescreen


Claude Chabrol


Andre Genoves


Fabio Testi


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