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Dance for Camera

DIRECTED BY - Michael Downing, Philipe DeCoufle, Gaelen Hanson, Dayna Hanson, Laura Taler, Pascal Magnin, Annick Vroom

The resurgence in popularity of the short film has increased interest in many artists who would otherwise be marginalized. This compilation of seven short films focuses on dance cinema with an international selection of movement on film. Among the entries is the Swiss production "Contrecoup," a stunning award-winning work playing out relationship confrontations on the streets of Paris through the art of dance. Also included are the Canadian contributions "Cornered" and "A Village Trilogy"; "Measure" from the United States; "Rest in Peace" a British production; and another Swiss short, "Reines D'un Jour."

Film Info

RUNTIME - 95 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

FORMAT - DVD Region 1

LANGUAGE - English


Michael Downing


Philipe DeCoufle


Gaelen Hanson


Dayna Hanson


Laura Taler


Pascal Magnin


Annick Vroom

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