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Cartoon Noir

The more shadowy tones of European animation are presented in six award-winning short films. ABDUCTEES follows five disparate stories of alien abduction while using a vast array of animation styles and techniques; CLUB OF THE DISCARDED an entry from the Czech republic that stylistically recalls the work of auteur Jan Svankmajer focuses on a group of abandoned mannequins establishing a fulfilling life in a condemned warehouse. Their happiness is disrupted, however, when a group of younger, hipper mannequins move in and begin to spoil the neighborhood. GENTLE SPIRIT, a stunning Polish entry, explores the vast and terrifying psycho-sexual landscape of a young woman pursued by an dark, enigmatic stranger. JOY STREET traces the daily trials and eventual redemption of a young woman on the verge of suicide who finds hope and guidance in the form of an unlikely guide from the spirit world. THE STORY OF THE CAT AND THE MOON is a love story of sorts, following the travails of a wistful cat bewitched by an unreachable moon.

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