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Virgil Bliss

DIRECTED BY - Joe Maggio

After serving twelve years in prison, an ex convict tries to start a "normal life" while on parole. Virgil Bliss (Clint Jordan) decides to find a good job, get married, and start a family. The only problem is that he's living in a halfway house and doesn't know any women. His roommate Manny Alvarez (Anthony Gorman), a hood with a chip on his shoulder, introduces Virgil to a prostitute named Ruby (Kirsten Russell). Virgil immediately falls for the hard-bitten and vulnerable woman and moves in with her after his release from the halfway house. He gets a job as a janitor and begins a straight life, but Ruby, a damaged junkie, denies him his dreams of normalcy. When Manny gets out of the halfway house, he shows up at Virgil's door, trying to pull Virgil back into a life a crime. To make matters worse, Ruby's pusher gives Virgil trouble, forcing him to make some tough decisions about his values and the lifestyle that he wants so badly. Kirsten Russell and Clint Jordan are heartbreaking as two damaged people trying to make it in this debut film by Joe Maggio.

GENRES - drama