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Secret Society

DIRECTED BY - Imogen Kimmel

An overweight young woman discovers her inner strength after she takes a job in a canning factory and joins a secret society of female Sumo wrestlers. Daisy (Charlotte Brittain) is self-conscious about her weight even though her husband Ken (Lee Ross) thinks she's the most beautiful woman on earth. After he's fired, Ken decides to make a living selling nude postcards of his voluptuous wife. Daisy, uncomfortable with his plans, gets work in a factory where she notices many of her coworkers share her chubby build. As Daisy gets used to life as a working stiff, Ken spends his time drinking and getting high with his best friend Billy (James Hooton), a UFO freak. One day, Daisy discovers her boss, Marlene (Annette Badland), is the leader of a secret society of female Sumo wrestlers from the factory. Daisy joins the society and spends hours after work strengthening her body for an important Sumo match with male Japanese Sumo wrestlers. Unfortunately, Ken, made stupid by drugs and alcohol, suspects Daisy has been corrupted by aliens, and needs to be rescued. Imogen Kimmel's debut film is a quirky romantic comedy about how love and acceptance allow people to grow and change.

GENRES - comedy