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Power and Terror: Noam Chomsky in Our Times

DIRECTED BY - John Junkerman

This documentary, focusing on intellectual Noam Chomsky and his post 9-11 political views, presents a personal interview along with snippets from lectures he delivered around the country in 2001 and 2002. Known more for his stance as a political theorist and charismatic speaker than his work as an M.I.T. linguist, Chomsky is revered by academics, intellectuals, and leftist thinkers from all camps. His straightforward, nonchalant, and always calm and collected manner of expressing himself comes as a soothing relief to people seeking an alternative political voice. Here, Chomsky delves into topics as complex as the "War on Terror" and the question of "why the terrorists hate us," offering new perspective than that of the mainstream media. With little hesitation, he refers to instances in history where the U.S. has supported terrorist regimes by supplying weapons and turning a blind eye, arguing that the U.S. is itself a terrorist state and thus cannot realistically declare a "War on Terror." In addition, he notes that while 9-11 marked an atrocious and terrible loss, it was only unique in terms of its victims (Americans), siting equally ferocious attacks on less visible nations. An eye-opening film that attempts to portray truth, and encourages debate, asserting the ability of the American people to work for change within the democratic system, POWER AND TERROR: NOAM CHOMSKY IN OUR TIMES is directed by John Junkerman and produced by Tetsujiro Yamagami.

GENRES - documentary