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Visitor Q

DIRECTED BY - Takashi Miike

An assailant (Watanabe Kazushi) cracks Kiyoshi (Kenichi Endo) on the head with a rock. The victim is the patriarch of a depraved family and this act of violence mysteriously enables the stranger to enter their unhappy home. Dysfunctional does not even begin to describe this family unit which consists of a prostitute daughter (Fujiko) who turns incestuous tricks, a son (Jun Moto) who viciously beats a junky mother (Shungiku Uchida) and the father who videotapes all the unsavory behavior in hopes of revitalizing his television production career with a reality program he'd like to call True Bullying. Their visitor tightens the family bonds through truly unusual methods as he videotapes a murder and guides Keiko to excessively lactating an apparently healing breast milk.