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His Secret Life

DIRECTED BY - Ferzan Özpetek

When Antonia (Margherita Buy) loses her husband Massimo in a terrifying car accident, she is devastated. Taking care of necessary business after his death, she runs across a painting, a gift to her husband with a note attached indicating that Antonia's partner of 15 years had been indiscreet for seven of them. She tracks down his lover and finds that Massimo has been involved in a homosexual affair with a man named Michele (Stefano Accorsi). She also finds in Michele's home an adopted family of misfits who all knew and loved her deceased husband. As Antonia attempts to understand her husband's secret, she becomes accepted into this commune and also begins to have some of her own loving admirers, including Michele. Turkish director Ferzan Ozpetek (STEAM: THE TURKISH BATH) directs this touching film that places caring and understanding before judgement or anger.

GENRES - drama, glbt

Film Info

RUNTIME - 105 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 2002

FORMAT - DVD Region 1

COUNTRY - Italy, France

LANGUAGE - Italian


ATTRIBUTES - Widescreen


Ferzan Özpetek


Tilde Corsi


Gianni Romoli


Ferzan Özpetek


Andrea Renzi


Serra Yilmaz



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