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Young Torless

DIRECTED BY - Volker Schlöndorff

Toerless (Matthieu Carriere) attends school at an early 20th Century Austrian military boarding school. He is distracted from the school's attempts to educate and train the young boys by the brutality of a few select students. As the school bullies terrorize and humiliate a fellow student, Toerless simply watches from afar, uneasy about speaking out. His attitude differs little from the cold, unaffected teaching staff.



GENRES - classics, drama

Film Info

RUNTIME - 87 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 1966

FORMAT - DVD Region 1

COUNTRY - Germany, France

LANGUAGE - French, German


ATTRIBUTES - Widescreen, Black & White


Volker Schlöndorff


Barbara Steele


Jean Launay

Director of Photography

Franz Rath

Source Writer

Robert Musil

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