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2004 Emmy Awards

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War Photographer

$21.95 | 96 minutes

Emmy-Outstanding Cinematography(Nominee)

The Oscar-nominated documentary film WAR PHOTOGRAPHER is a harrowing journey into the world of renowned photojournalist James Nachtwey. Swiss filmmaker Christian Frei fearlessly trails Nachtwey into the front lines of violence and human suffering in areas including Kosovo, Indonesia, and&hellip…

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Be Good, Smile Pretty

$19.95 | 56 minutes

Best Documentary

BE GOOD, SMILE PRETTY is the emotionally powerful documentary of one daughter's journey to discover the father she never knew. Director Tracy Droz Tragos was just three months old when her father died in the Vietnam War. Thirty years later, she sets out on a cross-country odyssey to find out more about Lt. Don&hellip…

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