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2005 Venice International Film Festival

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13 Tzameti

$20.95 | 90 minutes

Luigi De Laurentiis Award
Netpac Award

A clean-faced 20-year-old, Sebastien, leads an impoverished life with his immigrant family, constantly struggling to find the money for their next meal. When hired to repair the roof of the morphine-addicted Godon (Philippe Passon), Sebastien eavesdrops in on a conversation which appears&hellip…

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Le Petit Lieutenant

$21.95 | 110 minutes

A gripping police noir, LE PETIT LIEUTENANT tells the story of Antoine, an ambitious young cop from the provinces who joins a plainclothes crime unit in Paris. Antoine spends his days eagerly awaiting his first assignment, drinking with his fellow detectives and developing an unlikely relationship with his superior, a veteran policewoman&hellip&hellip…

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