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2009 Urbanworld Film Festival

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Shooting Star(s)

$9.95 | 76 minutes

“Shooting Star(s)” follows Johnny Nunez, who was abandoned as a baby and later adopted by a Puerto Rican family, as he overcomes the obstacles imposed by his humble upbringings in Brooklyn, New York to become today’s most prominent Hip Hop celebrity photographer&hellip…

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2008 Urbanworld Film Festival

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El Play

$9.95 | 30 minutes

Best Documentary Short

El Play is a thirty minute documentary that tells the story of Jairo, a young aspiring baseball player from San Pedro de Macorís, a small city in The Dominican Republic famous for birthing some of the world’s most talented baseball players. The film paints a detailed portrait of Jairo and his tireless&hellip…

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2007 Urbanworld Film Festival

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Autumn's Eyes

$4.99 | 59 minutes

AUTUMN'S EYES is a compelling documentary about a 3-year-old girl who tries to navigate through the harsh reality of severe poverty, her teenage mother's incarceration and looming foster care. Charming, obedient, and unable to fully comprehend the severity of her environment, Autumn is shielded from her own reality. Caught between the&hellip&hellip…

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2003 Urbanworld Film Festival

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Bomb the System

$11.95 | 93 minutes

MECCA Movie Award, Best Director

Set in New York City, this compelling drama about a young graffiti artist highlights the risky--sometimes life-threatening--nature of such a pursuit. Director Adam Bhala Lough casts the talented young actor Mark Webber (DEAR WENDY) as Blest, a graffiti artist the NYPD is desperate to catch. Blest&hellip…

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