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2009 Milan International Film Festival

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Cropsey - ON DEMAND

$99.99 | 84 minutes

Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio have returned to Staten Island to create Cropsey, a feature documentary that delves into the mystery behind Jennifer and four additional missing children. The film also investigates Andre Rand, the real-life boogeyman linked to their disappearances&hellip…

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2008 Milan International Film Festival

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Return to Tarawa

$24.95 | 47 minutes

In 1943, Naval Ensign Leon Cooper was charged with protecting the lives of marines during the bloody assault on the islands of Tarawa. Sixty-five years later, he returns to protect their memories. Return to Tarawa follows the journey of Leon Cooper, a United States Navy veteran who ferried marines through murderous gunfire to&hellip…

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2005 Milan International Film Festival

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The Fall of Fujimori

$17.95 | 84 minutes

Former president of Peru Alberto Fujimori fled to Japan in 2000 after turning his presidency into a dictatorship and alienating most of his fellow countrymen. This documentary by Ellen Perry allows Fujimori to speak from his exiled home, although he was arrested and imprisoned in Chile shortly after filming wrapped&hellip&hellip…

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2003 Milan International Film Festival

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Bomb the System

$11.95 | 93 minutes

Best Music
Best Editing

Set in New York City, this compelling drama about a young graffiti artist highlights the risky--sometimes life-threatening--nature of such a pursuit. Director Adam Bhala Lough casts the talented young actor Mark Webber (DEAR WENDY) as Blest, a graffiti artist the NYPD is desperate to catch. Blest roams&hellip…

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2001 Milan International Film Festival

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$21.95 | 113 minutes

Best Screenwriting

Writer-director Hans PetTer Molland (ZERO KELVIN) deftly combines two traditional cinematic genres--the road movie and the dysfunctional family drama--to create a moving character study that is entirely his own. Kaisa (Lena Headey) is a successful, hard-edged career woman living in London. Days after receiving&hellip…

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