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2009 Gent Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival

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P-Star Rising

$17.95 | 86 minutes

Indiepix Studios presents P-STAR RISING. Filmmaker Gabriel Noble follows nine year old hip-hop phenomenon P-Star as she prepares to move out from under the shadow of her single-parent father/mentor and take the music industry by storm. By night P-Star keeps the clubs rocking, and by day she greets her fans at public appearances. Back&hellip…

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2002 Gent Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival

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War Photographer

$21.95 | 96 minutes

Canvas Prize

The Oscar-nominated documentary film WAR PHOTOGRAPHER is a harrowing journey into the world of renowned photojournalist James Nachtwey. Swiss filmmaker Christian Frei fearlessly trails Nachtwey into the front lines of violence and human suffering in areas including Kosovo, Indonesia, and the West Bank. This noble&hellip…

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