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2009 Warsaw International Film Festival Jewish Motives

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$7.95 | 30 minutes

Bronze Award

Pinhas & his mother are new immigrants from Russia. His mother barely makes a living working night shifts, she devotes her spare time to the affair she has with a married man. On the third floor lives a religious family, Pinhas is drawn to the warmth and unity that characterize this family there he meets a girl his&hellip…

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2004 Warsaw International Film Festival Jewish Motives

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Hiding and Seeking

$21.95 | 85 minutes

In a testimony to the power of tolerance, filmmaker Menachem Daum, his wife, and their sons travel to a Polish town where his father-in-law and his two brothers hid from the Nazis with a non-Jewish family for 28 months. Daum proposes the journey when he becomes increasingly worried that his ultraorthodox sons, who live in Israel, have&hellip&hellip…

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Nina's Tragedies

$16.95 | 106 minutes

This lovingly crafted Israeli film neatly combines kinky eroticism, drama, and quirky comedy. An interlocking series of stories are all observed or heard about by 14-year-old Nadav (Aviv Elkabets), who, beneath his glasses, braces, and bad haircut, suffers tortured longing for his sexy aunt, Nina (Ayelet July Zurer). He and his adult&hellip&hellip…

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