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2009 Writers Guild Awards

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21 Below

$24.99 | 90 minutes

Documentary Screenplay Award(Nominated)

21 BELOW is one of the best new independent films about a young woman returning home to have an engaged encounter with family wounds that she hoped to escape. IndiepixFilms provides the best place to buy Indie movies and download Indie movies. Consumers can easily download indie movie&hellip…

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(500) Days of Summer

$11.95 | 95 minutes

Best Original Screenplay(Nominee) – Scott Neustadter

500 Days Of Summer is a HIGH FIDELITY and ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND. 500 Days Of Summer sheds a linear plot in favor of a memory-driven look at a failed romance. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (BRICK) stars as Tom, a greeting-card writer&hellip…

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