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2010 Festroia: Troia International Film Festival

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$7.99 | 11 minutes

Roqaya, and sometimes Mai, is a young girl from the countryside of Egypt, who lives and works in the capital city, Cairo. The film depicts the last moments for Mai before she goes back to visit her family as Roqaya&hellip…

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2009 Festroia: Troia International Film Festival

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Entre Nos

$24.95 | 81 minutes

Best Film: North American Independents Competition

Entre Nos depicts short stories about the love of family. It is one of those overcoming adversity stories about real family life and family togetherness. Rated one of the best true story movies. Directed by Paola Mendoza. IndiepixFilms provides the best place to buy Indie movies&hellip…

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2004 Festroia: Troia International Film Festival

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The Execution of Wanda Jean

$21.95 | 88 minutes

Prize of the City of Setúbal - Special Mention

Produced as part of HBO's AMERICA UNDERCOVER series, THE EXECUTION OF WANDA JEAN follows the criminal case filed against Wanda Jean Harvey. Harvey was convicted of murder in Oklahoma and executed by lethal injection in 2001, despite lengthy protestations on her behalf due to Harvey's&hellip…

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2000 Festroia: Troia International Film Festival

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Yana's Friends

$17.95 | 90 minutes

Golden Dolphin(Nomine)

The Gulf War provides the background for an unlikely romance in this 1999 Israeli film that won 10 national awards. Yana (Evelyne Kaplun), pregnant and in debt, is being left by her husband. When Saddam Hussein releases poison gas missile, Yana is forced to remain in her apartment with Eli (Nir Levy), a&hellip…

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1999 Festroia: Troia International Film Festival

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The Quarry

$7.95 | 112 minutes

Golden Dolphin(Nominee)

A mysterious fugitive, known only as The Man, wanders through rural South Africa, until he is taken in by a small town minister. However, when the minister makes it clear his motives for taking in The Man are not completely altruistic, it results in a confrontation that leaves the minister dead. In order&hellip…

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1998 Festroia: Troia International Film Festival

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Somewhere in the City

$7.95 | 93 minutes

This hilarious romantic comedy cleverly intertwines several stories of six eccentric characters, each of which happen to be living in the same New York apartment building. Featuring music by ex-Velvet Underground member John Cale, SOMEWHERE IN THE CITY captures the tumultuousness of New York City living, while celebrating it at the same&hellip…

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Love Stories

$10.95 | 84 minutes

Special Jury Prize
Silver Dolphin - Best Actor – Jerzy Stuhr

In these four love-themed stories, Polish actor Jerzy Stuhr (THE DECALOGUE) writes, directs, and stars as a priest who learns he has a daughter, a university professor who discovers a student's infatuation, a thief who is blackmailed&hellip…

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