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2009 CineVegas Film Festival

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Team Taliban

$7.95 | 11 minutes

Team Taliban provides a provocative glimpse into the world of independent professional wrestling. Prince Mustafa, a Muslim wrestler who plays a terrorist in the ring, struggles to balance his devout faith with a life-long passion for wrestling. The result is a powerful documentary that explores the impact of The War on Terror in American&hellip…

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$19.95 | 104 minutes

As a family struggles to survive in rural America during the Great Depression, their daughter's secret affair begins a journey into the unknown. Mary-Ann has been completely altered by the tragedy at home. Their family, as they knew it, is gone, and soon something strangely familiar will emerge in its place. Watch the Redland DVD on Indiepix&hellip…

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2006 CineVegas Film Festival

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Nicky's Game

$14.95 | 21 minutes

Christopher Woodrow 's Nicky's Game focuses on the fact that some guys have all the luck. Some guys are just good. John Ventimiglia (THE SOPRANOS) stars as Nicky Singer, a down on his luck Brooklyn native that has parlayed a Yale education into the life of a professional poker player. He's forced to balance his own interests with those&hellip…

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2004 CineVegas Film Festival

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Late Bloomer

$9.95 | 12 minutes

Download the hilarious musical short, LATE BLOOMER, official selection of the Sundance film festival! Something strange is happening in Miss Lovecraft's seventh grade class... LATE BLOOMER is a compelling and humorous look at sexual education gone horribly wrong. Loosely based on the dark tales of HP Lovecraft, this short film by award-winning&hellip&hellip…

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