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2010 Dallas Video Festival

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The Devil's Box

$34.95 | 84 minutes

Once a year, fiddlers across the country flock to Hallettsville to compete for the title of best Texas-style fiddler in the SXSW The Devil's Box. The small town erupts into a musical jamboree in this offbeat and quirky portrait of Americana. The the SXSW The Devil's Box is a must see film&hellip…

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2007 Dallas Video Festival

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Hell On Wheels

$24.95 | 90 minutes

HELL ON WHEELS is the ass-kicking documentary film telling the story of a group of Texas women who band together to resurrect roller derby for the 21st century. Emerging from the Austin music and arts scene, these women create a rock and roll fueled version of all-girl roller derby that has spawned the derby craze that's sweeping the nation&hellip…

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