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2010 Arizona International Film Festival

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Mamachas del Ring

$19.95 | 75 minutes

Carmen Rosa the Champion, the passionate leader of a group of indigenous Bolivian women wrestlers (think Hulk Hogan in petticoats and a bowler hat), is faced with a brutal decision when forced to choose between her love of sport and love of her family&hellip…

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2009 Arizona International Film Festival

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El Ladroncito (The Little Thief)

$7.95 | 15 minutes

Best Narrative Short – Yamin Segal
Special Committee Prize – Yamin Segal

Oscar, a 12-year-old boy from the Nicaraguan barrios, takes to working in the streets with the hopes of buying himself a PSP&hellip…

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2008 Arizona International Film Festival

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Circus Rosaire

$24.95 | 90 minutes

Reel Frontier Award - Best Documentary Feature

Circus Rosaire takes a poignant, behind the scenes look inside a ninth generation family of animal trainers, struggling to survive in a business that is rapidly disappearing&hellip…

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2006 Arizona International Film Festival

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Crossing Arizona

$24.95 | 75 minutes

Best Documentary

Heightened security in California and Texas has pushed illegal border-crossers into the treacherous Arizona desert in unprecedented numbers - an estimated 4,500 a day. Most are men in search of work, but increasingly the border-crossers are women and children seeking to reunite with their families. This influx&hellip…

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2004 Arizona International Film Festival

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$15.95 | minutes

The late 1990s saw a large population of illegal Mexican immigrants desert their home country and take root in the unusual location of Farmingville, New York, in Long Island. Taking menial jobs that were shunned by the local community, the transition was an uneasy one, with rising tensions between the locals and the immigrants resulting&hellip&hellip…

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2003 Arizona International Film Festival

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Lolita: Slave to Entertainment

$19.95 | 56 minutes

This provocative and revealing must-see documentary uniquely addresses man's relationship with wildlife. It speaks not only to animal lovers and activists, but to anyone at all who may have been duped by marine theme park propaganda. In fact, this is the film that an entire industry would rather you not see. And whether you like it or&hellip…

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1998 Arizona International Film Festival

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God, Sex amp; Apple Pie

$7.95 | 97 minutes

Audience Award, Most Popular Indie Film

This ensemble dramedy follows a weekend reunion between a group of nine friends. From a news reporter to a sexy model to a stockbroker, each individual has their own inner demons to contend with. As the weekend unravels, so too do the friends, unleashing a flurry of hilariously dark episodes&hellip…

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