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2008 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

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$14.95 | 60 minutes

President's Award

Svetlana, an 11 year old girl from a children's home in Russia, is the sponsored child of a couple from Finland. Living only 60 km from the border of Finland, Svetlana has never visited her neighboring country. After a long wait Svetlana finally gets an invitation to have a look at life on the other side of the&hellip…

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Of Shadows and Men

$7.95 | 23 minutes

Join Aurelien Foucault and Cedric Quennesson as they bring the ancient spectacle of Chinese Shadow Puppetry to life. Meet colorful he denizens of the Mengze Theatre as well as master puppeteer Qin Ligang and his prodigious grandson as they displays this breathtaking art&hellip…

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Trouble the Water

$23.95 | 96 minutes

Winner - Grand Jury Prize

As Hurricane Katrina hammers New Orleans, it changes the lives of aspiring rap artist Kimberly Rivers Roberts and her street-smart husband forever. Edited together from video footage shot by the couple during and after the storm's devastation, this documentary offers a visceral, personal view of the calamity&hellip…

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