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2010 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

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Chase Thompson, a Film by Chase Thompson - ON DEMAND

$99.99 | 12 minutes

A filmmaker eschews his contractural duties to make a zombie epic&hellip…

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2009 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

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Entre Nos

$24.95 | 81 minutes

Debut Acting Award – Paola Mendoza
Best Female Actor – Paola Mendoza
Best of Fest
Presidents Award

Entre Nos depicts short stories about the love of family. It is one of those overcoming adversity stories about real family life and family togetherness&hellip…

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Circus Rosaire

$24.95 | 90 minutes

Jury Award - Best Florida Documentary

Circus Rosaire takes a poignant, behind the scenes look inside a ninth generation family of animal trainers, struggling to survive in a business that is rapidly disappearing&hellip…

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2003 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

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Lolita: Slave to Entertainment

$19.95 | 56 minutes

This provocative and revealing must-see documentary uniquely addresses man's relationship with wildlife. It speaks not only to animal lovers and activists, but to anyone at all who may have been duped by marine theme park propaganda. In fact, this is the film that an entire industry would rather you not see. And whether you like it or&hellip…

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1999 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

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The Children of Chabannes

$15.95 | 93 minutes

Jury Award, Best Documentary

Chabannes is a remote village in France that permanently etched its name into the history books during World War II. While the small area remained unoccupied during the battle, the concerns of its citizens were raised by some 400 Jewish refugee children, who were rescued by the proactive villagers&hellip…

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All About My Mother

$16.95 | 101 minutes

People's Choice Award

Spanish director Pedro Almodvar's tender, intelligent drama follows the emotional journey of Manuela, an organ transplant coordinator who scours the back alleys and gutters of Barcelona in search of her errant ex-husband (a half-transsexual prostitute named Lola), saddled with the devastating news that their&hellip…

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