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2001 Amanda Awards

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$21.95 | 113 minutes

Best Film(Nominee)

Writer-director Hans PetTer Molland (ZERO KELVIN) deftly combines two traditional cinematic genres--the road movie and the dysfunctional family drama--to create a moving character study that is entirely his own. Kaisa (Lena Headey) is a successful, hard-edged career woman living in London. Days after receiving&hellip…

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Cool and Crazy

$12.95 | 89 minutes

Best Film
Best Documentary

The Berlevag Male Choir are a group of men who sing songs of spirituality in and around their home country of Norway. This documentary introduces audiences to this unique singing group. It also follows the singers as they prepare for a Russian tour. This portrait of the choir highlights both the&hellip…

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$34.95 | 147 minutes

Best Foreign Feature Film(Nominee)

Steven Soderbergh followed up his critical and commercial smash ERIN BROCKOVICH with this wildly exhilarating exploration of the complex, multilayered international drug problem. The film tells three seemingly disparate stories that loosely intersect and overlap, unfurling at a frantic, relentless&hellip…

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