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2004 SXSW Film Festival

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Last Man Standing Politics, Texas Style

$21.95 | 56 minutes

The Republican grip on the country tightened in 2004 with the reelection of President George W. Bush. His native Texas is often viewed with bemusement by outsiders, especially some of the garrulous politicians who manage to make inroads into the national psyche. Filmmaker Paul Stekler decided to track down some of these effusive characters&hellip&hellip…

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$15.95 | minutes

The late 1990s saw a large population of illegal Mexican immigrants desert their home country and take root in the unusual location of Farmingville, New York, in Long Island. Taking menial jobs that were shunned by the local community, the transition was an uneasy one, with rising tensions between the locals and the immigrants resulting&hellip&hellip…

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Super Size Me

$10.95 | 100 minutes

In this hilarious yet informative documentary, debut director Morgan Spurlock makes himself the victim of a cruel experiment: he puts himself on a 30-day diet of nothing but McDonald's food. Eating three meals a day exclusively from McDonald's, Spurlock's health quickly deteriorates. The film documents the process from beginning to end&hellip&hellip…

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