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2009 Gotham Awards

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Trouble the Water

$23.95 | 96 minutes

Winner - Best Documentary Feature

As Hurricane Katrina hammers New Orleans, it changes the lives of aspiring rap artist Kimberly Rivers Roberts and her street-smart husband forever. Edited together from video footage shot by the couple during and after the storm's devastation, this documentary offers a visceral, personal view&hellip…

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2008 Gotham Awards

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Sita Sings the Blues

$24.95 | 82 minutes

Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You

Sita is a goddess seperated from her beloved Lord and husband Rama. Nina is animator whose husband moves to India, then dumps her by email. Three hilarious shadow puppets narrate both ancient tragedy and modern comedy in this beautifully animated interpretation of the Indian epic Ramayana&hellip…

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2005 Gotham Awards

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$10.95 | 90 minutes

Breakthrough Award(Nominee)
Best Film(Nominee)

British actor Damian Lewis (BAND OF BROTHERS) gives a stunning lead performance in Lodge Kerrigan's powerful drama KEANE. He stars as William Keane, a man whose daughter was recently abducted at the Port Authority in Manhattan, so he patrols the bus depot, recreating in his mind&hellip…

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2004 Gotham Awards

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Bright Leaves

$12.95 | minutes

Best Documentary(Nominee)

Ross McElwee directs this autobiographical documentary about his family's roots in the tobacco business in North Carolina. Taking a sabbatical from his home in Boston, he offers a culturally interesting history of the South as viewed through the biggest, wealthiest tobacco enterprises. Meanwhile, he examines&hellip…

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2001 Gotham Awards

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The Believer

$19.95 | 0 minutes

Open Palm Award

Raised Jewish, Danny (Ryan Gosling) now runs with an anti-Semitic skinhead gang in Queens. Attending a meeting held by prominent self-proclaimed fascist Curtis Zampf (Billy Zane), Danny is noticed when he proposes killing Jews as a solution to society's problems. Danny's words create excitement not only for their&hellip…

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2000 Gotham Awards

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$19.95 | 90 minutes

Anthony Radizwill Documentary Achievement Award(Finalist)

A 35 year-old New York artist, director Jeremy Spear longs for the athletic days of his college years. He finds the solution in joining a fastpitch softball league in Ashland, Ohio and the result is this spirited, humorous, human documentary about a once-mighty sport which&hellip…

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1998 Gotham Awards

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Buffalo '66

$10.95 | 111 minutes

Open Palm Award(Nominee)

An electric directorial debut (seven years in the making) by New York artist/musician/model/actor Vincent Gallo, BUFFALO '66 combines the experimental techniques of the French New Wave and the realistic grit of seventies filmmakers such as John Cassavetes, resulting in something inventive and original&hellip…

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1995 Gotham Awards

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$19.95 | 99 minutes

Won - Open Palm Award

ANGELA is the debut film from director Rebecca Miller, winner of the Sundance Grand Jury Prize in 2002 for her second film, PERSONAL VELOCITY. Angela (Miranda Stuart Ryne) and Ellie (Charlotte Blythe) are two sisters caught up in an increasingly deteriorating family life. They cope with their troubles by&hellip…

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