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2010 Aspen Shortsfest

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Capture the Flag - DOWNLOAD

$4.95 | 14 minutes

Emmy Clarke and Will Denton star in a turbulent early ‘70s era movie where a teenage Annie struggles to hold onto a family tradition in the wake of her parents’ divorce&hellip…

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2009 Aspen Shortsfest

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Sister Wife

$7.95 | 10 minutes

DoriAnn is a Mormon fundamentalist who shares a husband with her younger biological sister. During a private bathing meditation and candid interviews, DoriAnn explores the surprisingly universal challenges of her marriage and reveals an unexpected explanation for why she chooses polygamy&hellip&hellip…

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2001 Aspen Shortsfest

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The Guy Maddin Collection

$27.95 | 187 minutes

Best Cinematography

A collection of three films from cult director Guy Maddin. In TWILIGHT OF THE ICE NYMPHS (1997), Shelly Duvall (POPEYE) and Frank Gorshin (BATMAN: THE MOVIE) star in a tale of passion and fantasy set in a far away land where the sun always shines. ARCHANGEL (1990) is a story of obsessive love in a war-torn&hellip…

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