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2011 Cinequest Film Festival

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Capture the Flag - DOWNLOAD

$4.95 | 14 minutes

Emmy Clarke and Will Denton star in a turbulent early ‘70s era movie where a teenage Annie struggles to hold onto a family tradition in the wake of her parents’ divorce&hellip…

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2009 Cinequest Film Festival

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Rock, Paper, Scissors: A Geek Tragedy

$24.95 | 88 minutes

Julian Cautherley's Rock, Paper, Scissors: A Geek Tragedy focuses on the founding of the World Rock Papar Scissors Society. The Walker brothers intended to turn a child's game into a good-natured competitive sport, but when RPS fanatics converge on the World RPS Championships, they're caught between big business, talk show pundits, Playmate&hellip…

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2008 Cinequest Film Festival

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Who is KK Downey?

$14.95 | 90 minutes

New Vision Award

WHO IS KK DOWNEY? is the story of two perennial losers who want more than anything to be famous, popular, and successful. Theo can't get Truck Stop Hustler, his touching book about a young male prostitute, published anywhere. Things change, however, when they decide to print Theo's book under the name of its fictional&hellip…

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2007 Cinequest Film Festival

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$24.95 | 113 minutes


Diagnosed with ALS, a fatal neurodegenerative disease, filmmaker Ben Byer starts documenting his life on camera. What begins as a series of video diaries grows into an epic journey spanning three years and six countries as he scours the globe looking for answers - and a cure&hellip&hellip…

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2005 Cinequest Film Festival

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Late Bloomer

$9.95 | 12 minutes

Download the hilarious musical short, LATE BLOOMER, official selection of the Sundance film festival! Something strange is happening in Miss Lovecraft's seventh grade class... LATE BLOOMER is a compelling and humorous look at sexual education gone horribly wrong. Loosely based on the dark tales of HP Lovecraft, this short film by award-winning&hellip&hellip…

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$24.95 | 100 minutes

SATELLITE, is a romantic fable about a young couple who give up everything they have in order to find something better&hellip…

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