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2002 San Francisco International Film Festival

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$23.95 | 85 minutes

Golden Gate Award, Biography

Directors Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering Kofman present this documentary portrait of the intellectual and philosopher Jacques Derrida. Beginning with his theory of deconstruction--the notion of getting to the basics behind our thought processes and the way in which we view the world--Derrida is portrayed&hellip…

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Last Dance

$21.95 | 84 minutes

Certificate of Merit

Mirra Bank directs this documentary about the making of "A Selection," a 2001 dance performance by the Pilobolus Dance Theater. A collaboration between the Pilobolus artistic directors, Robby Barnett, Michael Tracy, and Jonathan Wolken; and the artistic directors of The Night Kitchen, Arthur Yorinks and famous&hellip…

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Andy Goldsworthy - Rivers and Tides: Working With Time

$21.95 | 90 minutes

Golden Gate Award-Film and Video

In RIVERS AND TIDES, German documentarian Thomas Riedelshiemer attempts to capture the essence of Scottish artist Andy Goldsworthy, who uses natural materials to create site-specific pieces which he then leaves to be carried away--or destroyed altogether--by the elements. Goldsworthy is seen at&hellip…

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