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2009 Sao Paulo International Film Festival

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Samson & Delilah

$24.95 | 100 minutes

Samson and Delilah is one of the best love story movies. Samson and Delilah focuses on signs of true love between two teens in the Australian aboriginal culture. IndiepixFilms provides the best place to buy Indie movies and download Indie movies. Consumers can easily download indie movie from Where to download indie&hellip…

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2007 Sao Paulo International Film Festival

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Alice's House

$24.95 | 92 minutes

In every house, you never know what secrets lie behind the front door...ALICE'S HOUSE, the highly-decorated Brazilian drama, is now available on IndiePix from our partners, FiGa films! When Alice, a Sao Paulo manicurist, wife and mother has a chance meeting with an old flame, she is forced to re-examine&hellip…

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2004 Sao Paulo International Film Festival

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$19.95 | 86 minutes

Fourteen year old Henrietta, Henri for short, longs for everything she doesn't have. Looking down a road that turns bad instead of right, Henri and her mother Kate are forced to move in with her grandmother in a leaking shack on the edge of town. Henri is hell bent on finding a way out. At the same time, Henri meets a boy at school, Chat&hellip…

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Born To Be Blind (A Pessoa E Para O Que Nasce)

$19.95 | 90 minutes

Three blind sisters, linked by this extraordinary twist of fate, spend their lives singing and playing ganza for spare change on the streets and in the street markets of poverty stricken northeast Brazil. This documentary follows the daily chores of these women and how they survive on their own&hellip…

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