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2009 Boston Film Festival

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We Live In Public

$24.95 | 90 minutes

We Live in Public is a film that displays the negative effect of internet overuse. It also address social media questions like, Why Facebook is bad? IndiepixFilms provides the best place to buy Indie movies and download Indie movies. Consumers can easily download indie movie from Where to download indie films? Indiepix&hellip…

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2007 Boston Film Festival

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Golden Days

$24.95 | 95 minutes

A struggling indie rock band, The Damnwells, sign a major record deal only to have their album and their career nearly destroyed by the people who signed them. They had been in complete control of their music and their lives before they signed on the dotted line. Now, a year of their lives was sitting on a shelf waiting to be heard. Will&hellip…

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2005 Boston Film Festival

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Winning the Peace

$14.95 | 18 minutes

Winnning the Peace is the story of an Iraqi American Marine on a personal crusade to redeem his place of birth. Following Aristotle's rule of thumb that tragedy must befall noble men, our hero believes strongly in America's mission in Iraq. His actions around his men belie a deeper belief in the righteousness of his duties beyond professional&hellip…

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