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2010 Palm Springs International Shorts Fest

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$7.99 | 19 minutes

A young British Indian boy discovers he has a special gift. Tragedy ensues and a powerful secret is revealed to the world. &hellip…

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2009 Palm Springs International Shorts Fest

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Team Taliban

$7.95 | 11 minutes

Team Taliban provides a provocative glimpse into the world of independent professional wrestling. Prince Mustafa, a Muslim wrestler who plays a terrorist in the ring, struggles to balance his devout faith with a life-long passion for wrestling. The result is a powerful documentary that explores the impact of The War on Terror in American&hellip…

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Quase Todo Dia

$9.95 | 19 minutes

Polly, a young, single mother in Rio who struggles to reconcile her motherly duties with her own professional ambitions, confronts a day in the bustling city when everything that can go wrong, does&hellip…

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2008 Palm Springs International Shorts Fest

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American / Sandinista

$14.95 | 30 minutes

In the 1980s, at the height of the Cold War, a bloody civil war between the socialist-influenced Sandinistas and U.S.- backed Contras ravaged Nicaragua. Despite the danger, thousands of Americans disobeyed White House warnings and descended upon the Central American nation, determined to lend their skills and labor to the revolutionary&hellip…

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