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2009 Student Academy Awards

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$7.95 | 30 minutes

Best Short Film(Finalist)

Pinhas & his mother are new immigrants from Russia. His mother barely makes a living working night shifts, she devotes her spare time to the affair she has with a married man. On the third floor lives a religious family, Pinhas is drawn to the warmth and unity that characterize this family there he meets&hellip…

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2008 Student Academy Awards

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California King

$9.95 | 21 minutes

Regional Finalist

Love is often found in the most unlikely places. In fact, it seems more the rule than the exception. In Eli Akira Kaufman's California King, a womanizing mattress salesman, who employs faux physics to get female customers&hellip…

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2004 Student Academy Awards

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$12.95 | 27 minutes

Gold Prize

Robert Castillo wrote and directed this award winning documentary short, S.P.I.C.: The Storyboard of My Life. He uses his skills as a storyboard artist to narrate hilarious tales of growing up as a Special Person in Chelsea. Director's Statement: Drawing has been a vital part of my life since I could remember; it's&hellip…

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