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2009 Dances With Films

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The Crooked Eye

$7.95 | 18 minutes

Academy Award winner Linda Hunt narrates a day in the life of Sharon (Fay Masterson) as she struggles with a recent divorce and a current perception problem. A visually stunning adaptation of Betty Malicoat's short story of the same name. Part live action, part animation, 'The Crooked Eye' dreamily weaves between past and present, delicately&hellip…

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2007 Dances With Films

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Twilight's Grace

$12.95 | 20 minutes

"Expertly conceived...all adding up to a poignant and tender vignette." - Stewart Gordon "A fairy tale and a real gem of a film." - Ralph Pape Awarded Panavision's New Filmmaker Grant for production, J.G. Weaver and an exceptional crew set out to create a poetic, fairy-tale like visual canvas of poignant psychosis. Norman &hellip&hellip…

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Ambassadors Day

$7.95 | 20 minutes

300 Generations...2 Messengers...1 Dilemma...No Choice. Now Available! Ambassadors Day takes place thousands of years in the future, when the remnants of the human species have moved indoors to escape the wrath of an environment turned hostile. Many generations have passed, and all that's left of communication between these isolated&hellip…

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2006 Dances With Films

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This Is A Business

$19.95 | 102 minutes

Resolved to be a somebody, a shipping clerk named Turtletaub starts his own business knowing only that he intends either to create a product or to provide a service, and whichever one it is, he pledges, "it will be good...for everyone."&hellip…

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