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2011 Seattle True Independent Film Festival

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$24.95 | 89 minutes

BHOPALI is a feature documentary about the survivors of the world's worst industrial disaster, the 1984 Union Carbide disaster gas leak in Bhopal, India. Today, the suffering continues, prompting victims to fight for justice against Union Carbide, the American corporation responsible. 25 years later, the inhabitants of Bhopal still suffer&hellip…

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2009 Seattle True Independent Film Festival

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The Crooked Eye

$7.95 | 18 minutes

Best Narration

Academy Award winner Linda Hunt narrates a day in the life of Sharon (Fay Masterson) as she struggles with a recent divorce and a current perception problem. A visually stunning adaptation of Betty Malicoat's short story of the same name. Part live action, part animation, 'The Crooked Eye' dreamily weaves between&hellip…

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2008 Seattle True Independent Film Festival

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$4.99 | 90 minutes

This Award-Winning Surrealist Comedy comes from the Producer of the Academy-Award Nominated and Independent Spirit Award-Winning FROZEN RIVER! Like Laurel and Hardy, Jake and Elwood, or Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo before them, Lionel and Tin are on an ill-fated but well-scripted journey into the depths of the American psyche. Recently escaped&hellip&hellip…

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Nerdcore For Life

$24.95 | 84 minutes

Two of the 21st century's most powerful social forces; Hip-Hop and geek culture collide head-on in the feature-length documentary, Nerdcore For Life. Born on the internet, Nerdcore Hip-Hop is rap music made by geeks, for geeks and covers such traditionally nerdy topics as comic books, video games, sci-fi, anime and technology. This new&hellip…

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2007 Seattle True Independent Film Festival

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Facing the Habit

$14.95 | 50 minutes

Can a root that grows in West Africa successfully treat heroin addicts and break the cycle of addiction? Dave is a former stockbroker whose life has spiraled out of control due to heroin addiction. A one-time millionaire, he is now reduced to petty theft as a means to supply his habit. Desperate to get help, Dave travels to Mexico for&hellip&hellip…

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