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Loud, brash and unapologetic, the punk movement gave the finger to any authority figure it could think of: government, the business world, not to mention any social status quo. Inspiring countless young people to stop relying on permission from the powers-that-be and get out there and do-it-yourself, the punk ethos spread throughout the world and generated a new paradigm for music, art and film. This collection pays tribute to some of the bands and films that defined the punk movement and those that continue to carry the torch today. Of course, no collection would be complete without THE FILTH AND THE FURY, a documentary about the meteoric rise of the Sex Pistols. Also don't miss the definitive documentary about New York's homegrown punk ambassadors in END OF THE CENTURY: The Story of the Ramones. Also check out the live performances by seminal punk outfits like THE EXPLOITED, MINOR THREAT, DEAD KENNEDYS and the ever punker-than-thou GG Allin. Aside from the usual fare, this collection also features some punk films that haven't gotten nearly the amount of attention they deserve: GONZO MUSIC DIARIES, NYC chronicles the efforts of one punk, one filmmaker and one activist who band together to create a unique punk rock protest to coincide with the 2004 Republican National Convention held in New York City. JUBILEE is a visually charged, absurdly violent, and darkly comic tribute to British punk rock and its self-proclaimed Blank Generation. With over 80 interviews, and plenty of footage of mosh pits, stage diving, and punk rock, AFRO-PUNK tries to understand what it means to be the lone mohawked black kid in a crowd of white punks. Enter the world of punk rock evangelist and preacher's son Jay Bakker in ONE PUNK UNDER GOD... where church is a smoke-filled bar, and tattoos and piercings an expression of faith. LET'S ROCK AGAIN is a documentary that follows punk legend Joe Strummer as he tours in Japan with his band the Mescaleros shortly before his death in 2002.

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Gonzo Music Diaries, NYC

$4.99 | 82 minutes

One Punk, One Concert Fanatic, One Filmmaker, One Goal...An activist music festival nine days before The Republican…