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Pierre Stoeber

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Boys Life 3

$21.95 | 78 minutes

(2000) - Director of Photography

The third installment in the Boys Life series, following 1995's BOYS LIFE and 1997's BOYS LIFE 2, BOYS LIFE 3 consists of five short films, each telling a story related to gay life, identity, and sexuality. In French director David Fournier's&hellip…

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Lili and the Baobab

$21.95 | 90 minutes

(2006) - Cinematographer

A freelance photographer Lili (Romane Bohringer) has been hired to document new infastructures in her town's sister community in Sengal. Once there, she forms an intuitive bond with Aminata, an unmarried and childless woman like her, whose&hellip…

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