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John Travolta

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Blow Out

$11.95 | 108 minutes

(1981) - Actor

While outdoors recording sound effects for a movie, audio technician Jack Terri hears a tire blowout and a car crash. Before the car sinks into the river, he manages to save the female passenger from drowning. Because the other passenger&hellip…

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$11.95 | 98 minutes

(1976) - Star(s)

Carrie, a shy teenager with a fiercely religious and oppressive mother, struggles to come to terms with her emerging sexuality and extraordinary telekinetic powers. Just as she's beginning to enjoy a sudden change in her life, a cruel practical&hellip…

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Off The Menu: The Last Days of Chasen's

$19.95 | 90 minutes

(1997) - Actor

In 1936, vaudeville performer Dave Chasen opened a modest restaurant on the edge of West Hollywood, serving up a specialty chili which, according to legend, he originally concocted in the kitchen of director Frank Capra. Over the next 60&hellip…

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