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Greta Schiller

An award-winning independent filmmaker and television producer, Greta Schiller's career was launched in 1984 with the theatrical release of her first feature-length documentary film, BEFORE STONEWALL. Designated a "must-see" by the Los Angeles Weekly, BEFORE STONEWALL is now considered a classic: it won two Emmy awards and is a perennial favorite on the PBS network. In 1984, Greta founded (with Andrea Weiss) the non-profit film organization Jezebel Productions. Through Jezebel, Greta produced and directed a trilogy of films about women in jazz: INTERNATIONAL SWEETHEARTS OF RHYTHM, AMERICA'S HOTTEST ALL GIRL BAND, TINY AND RUBY: HELL DIVIN' WOMEN and MAXINE SULLIVAN: LOVE TO BE IN LOVE. The Atlantic Journal wrote that these films "make you glad documentaries were invented". The New York Times called them "a delightful trip down memory lane". Greta Schiller is perhaps best known as the director of the highly acclaimed PARIS WAS A WOMAN. After winning awards at international film festivals, PARIS WAS A WOMAN was released theatrically by Zeitgeist Films in the United States, breaking house records in several cities. The film was broadcast in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and in the United States on the Sundance Channel. Greta Schiller produced and directed THE MAN WHO DROVE WITH MANDELA for PBS, the British Film Institute, Dutch Television and Channel Four in Great Britain. The film won an award for Best Documentary at the Berlin Film Festival, and the Sunday Times (of London) called it, "...A brisk, intelligent important film but also a fascinating and entertaining one". Greta has served on film festival juries in Turin, Italy and Nyon, Switzerland, and on the film review panel for the New York Council for the Humanities. In 1988, she was the first recipient of the US/UK Fulbright Arts Fellowship in Film, and in 1990-91 she was granted a New York Foundation for the Arts Artist Fellowship. She has been awarded New York State Council on the Arts and NY Council for the Humanities Grants several times. In addition to her independent films, Greta has produced and directed documentaries for European Television, and for MayaVision International. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch called Greta Schiller "a superb and insightful maker of films". Her films are held in many prestigious collections around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Chicago Art Institute, the New York Public Library, the British Film Institute, Videotheque de Paris, and the Australian Film Institute, among others.

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Before Stonewall

$21.95 | 87 minutes

(1984) - Director, Producer

This is the story of the gay community and how they have strived to be accepted. focusing on the events that led to the fevered 1969 riots at a New York City gay bar (Stonewall Inn), and many other milestones in the brave gay movement&hellip…

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Paris Was a Woman

$23.95 | 73 minutes

(1995) - Director

A documentary profile of the feminine side of the cultural epicenter of Paris' Left Bank, home to a vibrant community of women artists, scholars, and other creators that reached its summit in the 1920s. Includes background on such notables&hellip…

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