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Moritz Bleibtreu

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Adam Resurrected

$11.95 | 106 minutes

(2008) - Star(s)

The trouble with Holocaust movies is that they're about the Holocaust; they resurrect an illustrious horror, habited by history's most reliable demons, with little to say except that, yes, this was a tragedy. ADAM RESURRECTED isn't likely&hellip…

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In July

$17.95 | 96 minutes

(2000) - Actor

Daniel (Moritz Bleibtreu, DAS EXPERIMENT, RUN LOLA RUN) is a shy and lovelorn science teacher in Hamburg, Germany. Juli (Christiane Paul) is a dread-locked, free-spirited Hamburg street vendor. They cross paths when Juli sells Daniel a&hellip…

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Run Lola Run

$11.95 | 81 minutes

(1999) - Star(s)

Set against the gritty urban scenescape of Berlin and a pounding techno soundtrack, RUN LOLA RUN is a frenetic, inventive existential thriller that explores the life-altering impact of seemingly inconsequential actions. Beautiful, hip&hellip…

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