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Pan Nalin

Pan Nalin, a self taught filmmaker, was born in a very poor family in a remote village of Adatala, in India. He saw the first movie at the age of 9 or so, since that day he always wanted to 'become' movies. Eventually Nalin got admission to study at India's prestigious design school NID, The National Institute of Design. At NID he studied visual communication but devoted most of his time to learn filmmaking. After shooting some 4 animation and 20 little silent films with 8mm and 16mm Bolex, Nalin came to conclusion that the best film school is life. Thus he began travelling across India and learning all he can learn about himself, his roots and the rest of the world. Tired of his nomadic & homeless existence, ultimately he landed up in Bombay with 26 Rupees in his pocket and bagful of unfinished scripts. He joined a film Production Company, eventually as production runner and then on as Production Manager. It took only few month for the producers of the company to realise Nalin's talent and offered him to direct commercials and corporate films. Nalin made several documentaries in collaboration with Canal Plus, BBC, Discovery, National Geographic, France 3, and so on. All his films evoke a unique universe of spiritual quests in light of erotic, sensuality, faith, religion and society.

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Ayurveda: The Art of Being

$23.95 | 102 minutes

(2001) - Director, Screenwriter

AYURVEDA: THE ART OF BEING, written and directed by Pan Nalin, takes viewers on a documentary journey through the history of this holistic from of health care and natural well-being. Partially based in methods of healing that identify incongruence&hellip…

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