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Jerzy Stuhr

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Love Stories

$10.95 | 84 minutes

(1997) - Actor, Director, Screenplay, Star(s)

In these four love-themed stories, Polish actor Jerzy Stuhr (THE DECALOGUE) writes, directs, and stars as a priest who learns he has a daughter, a university professor who discovers a student's infatuation, a thief who is blackmailed by&hellip…

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The Big Animal

$21.95 | 72 minutes

(2000) - Actor, Director

Charming, engaging, and sharply funny, this observant comedy from director Jerzy Stuhr (working from the great Krzystof Kieslowski's original script) spins the tale of Zygmunt Sawicki (Stuhr), an unexceptional Polish bank clerk, and his&hellip…

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The Scar

$23.95 | 101 minutes

(1976) - Actor

In his first theatrically released film, legendary director Krzysztof Kieslowski begins his work in political commentary with a tale of a man, Stefan Bednarz (Franciszek Pieczka), who is chosen by the Communist Party to supervise a construction&hellip…

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