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Mariangela Melato

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$15.95 | 105 minutes

(1974) - Actor

Master of suspense Claude Chabrol takes aim at both terrorists and the establishment in his chilling film, NADA. A left wing gang of motley anarchists called Nada kidnap the American ambassador to Paris from an exclusive Parisian brothel&hellip…

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Summer Night

$17.95 | 98 minutes

(1987) - Actor

A self-made tycoon interested in ecological preservation is fed up with the terrorists who poach Italy's rich beauty. As part of a crazy scheme to retaliate, she hires a former CIA agent to abduct the number one violator and demands $100&hellip…

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Swept Away

$17.95 | 119 minutes

(1975) - Actor

Raffaela, a fiery and independent Italian factory owner, gets stranded on a deserted, edenic island with a virile yacht hand who has the uncanny knack of reducing women to sexual objects. She succumbs to his strong and forceful masculinity&hellip…

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