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Pierce Brosnan

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Mamma Mia!

$10.95 | 109 minutes

(2008) - Star(s)

After its run as a West End hit in London, MAMMA MIA became a Broadway smash when it opened in New York back in 2001. With a story framed around the music of the Swedish pop band Abba, crowds loved its raucous, dance party vibe. Now it&hellip…

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Mars Attacks!

$5.95 | 0 minutes

(1996) - Star(s)

Tim Burton's MARS ATTACKS! is an all-star, high-tech (and subversive) spoof of those science-fiction films of the 1950s, such as THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL and THE WAR OF THE WORLDS&hellip…

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The Matador

$5.95 | 97 minutes

(2005) - Producer

Pierce Brosnan is outstanding as an international hit man falling apart at the seams in Richard Shepard's dark comedy THE MATADOR. Brosnan, riffing on his success playing the very well groomed and genteel James Bond and Remington Steele&hellip…

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